“Birther queen” Orly Taitz praises Fox's “great” hiring of Dobbs

Orly Taitz, one of the leading members of the conspiracy theory that President Obama lacks a valid birth certificate, praised Fox Business' decision to hire fellow birther Lou Dobbs.

In July 2009, Dobbs hosted Alan Keyes and Taitz -- described by the OC Weekly as the “queen bee of people obsessed with Barack Obama's birth certificate” -- on his radio program. Dobbs said at the time that he began questioning Obama's birth certificate after he learned about Taitz's lawsuit on behalf of an Army major. At the conclusion of his interview, Dobbs said he “learned a lot today, we appreciate it.”

Dobbs' venture into birther conspiracies ultimately helped contribute to his departure from CNN late last year. Dobbs drew widespread criticism over his attention to the conspiracy, and groups such as Media Matters called on CNN to drop Dobbs over his remarks on the birther issue, and other conspiracies.

When reached by phone to comment about Dobbs' hiring, Taitz praised Dobbs and Fox's decision.

“It was a great move on the part of Fox, and a great reversal of fortune [for Dobbs],” Taitz said.

“I think he was the most objective reporter on CNN. I think that it was a big mistake on their part in firing him,” Taitz added. “Today, still, there is a big void because the whole lineup of CNN is a far-left lineup. Just recently, they brought on a program with the former Gov. of New York [Eliot] Spitzer, who has a dueling view with another reporter [Kathleen Parker]. And both of them are far left - both of them have far left views, where's the balance?”

Taitz also criticized Media Matters, which has frequently been critical of birthers and Taitz, and members of the media -- such as MSNBC -- for not giving what she viewed as fair attention to the “eligibility issue.” Dobbs, Taitz repeated, was an exception.

“He invited me on his radio show and we were on his show for over half an hour,” Taitz said. “I was supposed to appear on his TV show but what happened was when I appeared on his show, they told me he wouldn't be on.” Taitz claimed Dobbs guest-host Kitty Pilgrim, who challenged Taitz, aired “false statements,” and called the interview “journalism at its worst.” FactCheck.org and PolitiFact.com, among others, have repeatedly debunked conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate.

Taitz previously praised Dobbs for drawing attention to birther issues. In a July 2009 interview with the Daily Beast's Max Blumenthal, Taitz called Dobbs “very understanding” and her “biggest supporter.”

Taitz said she “didn't remember” or “recall” if she's communicated with Dobbs since her radio appearance, adding that she's received “thousands” of pieces of communication since she began her campaign.

When asked if she was hoping to reunite with Dobbs, this time on Fox Business, Taitz replied: “Yes, it would be nice to appear on his show -- on any show as long I'm given an opportunity to give the truth to the public.”

In recent months, Taitz said she's been busy filing legal motions. As longtime Taitz-chronicler Dave Weigel noted, Taitz was last seen running (unsuccessfully) for the Republican nomination for California secretary of state. The Politico's Kasie Hunt reported last month that Taitz, the “so-called 'Birther Queen,'" attempted “to get Republicans elected to Congress. The problem: They want nothing to do with Orly Taitz.”