Birther “mastermind” Taitz reportedly calls CNN's Dobbs “very understanding,” “biggest supporter”

From a July 30 Daily Beast article by senior writer Max Blumenthal:

Among Taitz's “biggest supporters,” she said, is CNN anchor Lou Dobbs. “I did Lou's radio show for half an hour and he was very understanding,” she told me. “He became a supporter and since then he became a supporter of the whole [Obama eligibility] issue.” Indeed, during the July 15 broadcast of Dobbs' radio show, he praised Taitz's work, suggested Obama might be “undocumented,” and demanded the president “show the documents” to prove he was born in the United States.


By the time the ruling was handed down, Cook's case had become a conservative cause célèbre. Among the media bigwigs who publicized the case were Sean Hannity and Dobbs, who segued into a segment on Cook by announcing, “New questions are being raised about Obama's eligibility to serve as president.” On his radio show the same day, Dobbs said Cook “should be taken seriously. There are real questions here that need to be answered.”

Taitz told me that Dobbs invited her on his nightly TV program to discuss the Cook case but wound up calling in sick. Instead, Dobbs' fill-in, Kitty Pilgrim, covered the story. Pilgrim was visibly embarrassed by the topic, remarking, “CNN has investigated the issue, found no basis for the questions about the president's birthplace... There is overwhelming evidence that proves the president's birth certificate is real.”

Taitz told me Dobbs assured her after the broadcast that he would bring her back on his program for a sympathetic treatment. But Taitz's appearance was canceled when CNN President Jon Klein declared Dobbs' questioning of Obama's citizenship a “dead story,” then told Variety's Brian Lowry, “It would not be legitimate for Lou or anyone else at CNN to explore whether Barack Obama is an American citizen.”

Deprived of an appearance with Dobbs, her “biggest supporter,” Taitz takes heart from the support she receives from the conservative online community and a cadre of Republican members of Congress.


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