Liz Cheney ought to learn her media history

Appearing on MSNBC and defending her father's unprecedented campaign to smear the newly seated POTUS, something no exiting VP has ever done, (at least not in modern American politics), daughter Cheney claims there's a double standard because the press treats former VP Al Gore kindly, but not her father.

Addressing Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who has been critical of Cheney's anti-Obama publicity tour, Liz Cheney noted:

I haven't seen similar columns from you or anybody else saying things like, Al Gore should to back to Tennessee. Al Gore, somebody's who's very vocal and very much out there. So is there a double standard here. And should vice presidents only speak if they're saying something you agree with?

Al Gore is “out there” and “vocal,” says Cheney, blissfully ignoring the fact that Gore waited nearly two years before he publicly criticized the Bush administration, whereas her father waited, what, two months?

But yeah, other than that, the comparison's a perfect one.