Fox host lowers the bar for Trump's conduct: Quid pro quo “is not necessarily illegal"

Kennedy claims the “quid pro quo” Trump is accused of is “the exact same thing” as what past presidents did

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Citation From the September 26 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (FOX BUSINESS HOST): The problem is, if you take a look at the charges being leveled against the president right now, they sound very serious. The problem is, if responsible journalists go back and look at some of the same types of conversations and dealings and quid pro quo that's happened with past administrations, you might build a case that you've seen the exact same thing with President Clinton, and President Bush, and President Obama over and over and over again, particularly with allies -- "allies" -- like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. You know, quid pro quo means "this for that." That is not necessarily illegal, and I think every administration and every president can say, well, that's how you get things done. We've got something they want, so if we're going to exchange in order to get what is most beneficial for us. The question is, and I don't think Democrats have done this yet, they have not drawn the line when it sort of falls over the cliff of illegality. And that's very very important, and that has to be completely stark. So people can look at this objectively and say, yes, that was wrong, that was against the law. Not "well, that was untoward and I don't like him, therefore I don't like that." That's not enough for impeachment.