Lindsey: Liberals proof that “some of our worst enemies are to be found among our own people”

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Discussing Sen. Richard J. Durbin's (D-IL) recent controversial remarks and Newsweek's retraction of a story about the abuse of Qurans by U.S. military personnel, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) television host Hal Lindsey called liberals “some of our worst enemies.” On the July 12 episode of his International Intelligence Briefing on TBN, Lindsey declared:

In a curious way, guys like Durbin and the anti-Americans at Newsweek have done us a favor. They've left little doubt that the leftist agenda is not just real, it is downright dangerous. It was somewhat of a wakeup call to the rest of us that some of our worst enemies are to be found among our own people.

Lindsey's International Intelligence Briefing is broadcast by TBN, the world's largest Christian television network. Based in Santa Ana, California, and owned by Jan and Paul Crouch, the network claims it is carried by more than 5,000 stations around the world. Lindsey also writes a weekly column for the conservative website and is the author of several books on Biblical prophecy, including The Late Great Planet Earth.