New Live Action Info Dump Exposes Nothing But Desperation

When Live Action released a video yesterday showing a Planned Parenthood employee speaking with two people who identified themselves to her as a pimp and prostitute, I called it “seven minutes of nothing.” Today's info dump on the Live Action website offers up something similar: a melange of more nothing, some repetition, and a couple minutes of conclusive self-refutation.

In the title of the post unveiling these most recent videos, Live Action blogger David Daleidan says that a “pattern emerges.” But the pattern that actually emerges probably isn't the one he had in mind. The real one goes like this: Live Action unloads some innocuous footage, presents it as sinister, and hopes that no one bothers to check whether it reveals what they claim it does. (Guess what? It doesn't.)

But just because it's a pattern, doesn't mean it's not evolving. Now that Live Action has absolutely nothing to do but repeat themselves, they're just putting out as much content as they can in the hopes that no one will have time to actually check it all. Now that it's obvious they don't have anything remotely approaching quality, their only option is quantity.

For those just joining us, here's a rundown of what the past week has been like:

February 1: Live Action releases an edited video showing the office manager at a Planned Parenthood in New Jersey speaking to two people identifying themselves as a pimp and prostitute. At the time Planned Parenthood had already contacted law enforcement to report that individuals claiming to belong to a sex trafficking ring had visited Planned Parenthood centers. The organization later fired the office manager shown in the video.

February 3: Live Action releases another video with an identical setup from a Planned Parenthood in Virginia. Planned Parenthood points out in response that the employee in that video behaved completely appropriately and alerted her supervisor. ABC News also reported that the employee shown in the video “appears to act professionally and appropriately” and that “Legal experts reached by ABC News also said the clinic worker's advice on how a minor could obtain an abortion without her parents' consent is consistent with state law.”

February 4: Live Action releases a longer version of the February 3 video and three others that in no way call into question the fact that Planned Parenthood had already contacted law enforcement. Inexplicably, one of them directly contradicts the line Live Action has been pushing when it shows an employee at a Planned Parenthood in Falls Church telling the “pimp” in that video that clinics are required to report incidents of suspected statutory rape.

Call it the Breitbart model of journalism. No wonder these guys get along so well.