Lila Rose's New Video Is 7 Minutes Of Nothing

Anti-abortion hoaxster Lila Rose just released another video which she claims shows, “Planned Parenthood counseling a pimp on how to obtain secret abortions for his under age sex slaves, by bypassing Virginia parental consent laws meant to protect children.”

But really the video is more noteworthy for what it doesn't show. Specifically, the video does not show what Planned Parenthood officials did with what the “pimp” told them after he left the building.

So here's what we know: (1) Some Live Action people went undercover allegedly posed as a pimp and prostitute in various Planned Parenthoods around the country. (2) Later on, Planned Parenthood reported to the FBI that they had heard information regarding a possible sex trafficking ring.

All this video does is confirm (1) without telling us anything about (2) one way or the other. So remind me again why we're supposed to be so worked up about this?

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood has has responded with a statement that reads in part:

In a recent round of secret videotaping in January 2011, at least four health centers in Virginia received visits in a short period of time from persons claiming to be involved in the sex trade, involving vulnerable minors. Local authorities, as well as federal authorities, were alerted to these visits. In this morning's publicized tape, the Planned Parenthood staff member reacted professionally to a highly unusual person posing as a patient. After the encounter, the staff member immediately notified her supervisor, who subsequently notified members of Planned Parenthood's national security team, who are working with the FBI, which is investigating these visits.

It is clear that Live Action is coordinating its activities to support legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, introduced by Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) to defund Planned Parenthood by stripping it of Title X family planning funding, which Planned Parenthood's local affiliates receive to provide low-income women with birth control, family planning, and preventive care, including lifesaving screenings for breast and cervical cancer.