Lila Rose: The Fact That Planned Parenthood Didn't Do What I Accused Them Of Doing Proves That They Did It

Lila Rose and Live Action's accusations against Planned Parenthood are wholly without merit, but that hasn't stopped the right-wing media machine from giving these intrepid “journalists” the full Woodward and Bernstein treatment.

The latest stop in Rose's press junket: an interview with the Breitbart media empire's token liberal, Lee Stranahan. Things went swimmingly for the first half of the interview, with Stranahan lobbing softballs and Rose bunting them back with ease -- but then Stranahan had to ask about the letter Planned Parenthood wrote to AG Eric Holder alerting him to the existence of a possible sex trafficking ring.

Since Rose's whole case rests on the demonstrably false claim that Planned Parenthood tried to cover up sex trafficking instead of reporting it to the authorities, surely this letter means she has no case?

Here's Rose's utterly nonsensical response:

ROSE: What Planned Parenthood has done is try to spike Live Action's story, and try to cover up their cover up by confusing and muddling the matter and getting the FBI in this absurd letter to look into Live Action, or to kind of implicate Live Action as somehow, you know, needing-- Live Action needing to be investigated. So what they're doing is what they do classically, what they've been doing over the past four years, which is instead of addressing the institutional cover up in their clinic, instead of addressing that, instead of-- instead of resolving that, they turn to us as the investigative team, or they turn against the, you know, the people that are trying to spread this message and get people aware, and they attack us. So this is just-- This is just another example of how Planned Parenthood's sexual abuse cover up and aiding and abetting of human trafficking is top down.

Parse that word stew and you'll discover an argument that doesn't even hold together when expressed in coherent sentences. Rose's position is this: Planned Parenthood did wrong by not reporting suspected sex trafficking, and the fact that they did report suspected sex trafficking just proves it.

Stranahan's response? Letting it slide and jumping to the next topic. Journalism at its finest!