Latest Lila Rose Video Ends Her Credibility Once And For All

In her latest video dump, James O'Keefe protégé Lila Rose shows a Planned Parenthood employee telling a man who claims to be a sex worker that clinics are required to report statutory rape and that minors are required to have parental consent in order to get an abortion in Virginia.

Remember, this entire charade has been about exposing a systemic effort at Planned Parenthood to cover up underage sex trafficking. Never mind that Planned Parenthood officials had already contacted law enforcement officials and reported potential sex trafficking before Rose released her “exposé.”

Rose is now releasing video that actually shows Planned Parenthood employees telling people who claim to be sex workers that they are required to report statutory rape.

The video shows a Planned Parenthood employee alone in a room with a man who claims to be a sex worker who is looking for advice on obtaining testing and abortion for girls he manages, some of whom are as young as 13. The Planned Parenthood employee advises him that “teens can obviously be a separate issue. I mean, there's parental consent in the state of Virginia, and there's obviously statutory rape as far as that goes.” Later, she reiterates the point:

For abortion, they need a photo ID, and if they are minors, they need parental consent. And, like I said, if you bring them to any clinic and they're, like you said, 13 or 14, there's laws, you know, that some things have to be reported.

Having been exposed as a fraud at her effort, Rose is now limping into the weekend by releasing anything - anything at all - to keep her bogus smear alive.