“Not all cultures are equal”: Libs of TikTok creator endorses great replacement conspiracy theory

Chaya Raichik: “They’re importing people who want to destroy America.”

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TAYLOR LORENZ (JOURNALIST): Let's just get back to the great replacement stuff, because I'm curious, what are your thoughts on that whole ideology? 

CHAYA RAICHIK (CREATOR, LIBS OF TIKTOK): I mean, how many — there were times that — there were some months over the past three years that there were more illegals coming into our border than children being born in the U.S. Is that not — does that not look like they're trying to replace us? 

LORENZ: I guess, sort of imagining America as a melting pot —

RAICHIK: They're bringing in a whole new population.

LORENZ: — isn't that sort of what America was founded on?

RAICHIK: But they're actually bringing in more people than are actually being born. 

LORENZ: So I guess it sounds like you do sort of ascribe to this theory of a great replacement. How does that make you —

RAICHIK: I just look at the facts and the numbers. 

LORENZ: Well so, let's just give a corollary, right? A lot of Jewish people fled, you know Europe, came here also as immigrants and there's a lot of criticism towards Jewish people in those movements, in those far-right movements. So I'm just wondering, as a Jewish woman, sort of how you feel about that and your role in cultivating this fan base that might think of you as a minority, an outsider. 

RAICHIK: Not all cultures are equal. Yeah. 

LORENZ: So, I know you have a lot of concerns about educational materials and books, library books and things, especially —

RAICHIK: They're importing people who want to destroy America and who want to — who come here and do not stand for what America stands for. So, and I think, and we see it, there's time after time after time after time, they come in, they're destroying our cities, they bring crime with them, and they are bringing them in to replace us. And, yeah, I think people from various countries, they're all different.