Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik celebrates being labeled a stochastic terrorist

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Citation From the January 24, 2023, edition of Slightly Offensive uploaded to YouTube

CHAYA RAICHIK (GUEST): I'm sad because I thought they made up the stochastic terrorism term, like, for me, like, a year ago...

ELIJAH SCHAFFER (HOST): No, they did. They did make it up for you. No, they did. I'm giving you the credit. 

RAICHIK: They did, right?

SCHAFFER: I'm saying they accused me of that but they didn't make up the word then. They made up the word for you. You're the stochastic terrorist. 

RAICHIK: So they weren't using, they weren't using that term back then?

SCHAFFER: No, no, don't worry. 

RAICHIK: Oh, wow, okay. 

SCHAFFER: No, no, don't worry. You woke them up to their full regard, let me clarify, but they were accusing me of that but they didn't have a word for it yet, but that's what they accused me of, it was like intellectually inspiring violence, and then you, being a crazy Nazi Jew allegedly, your posting recordings of their actual conversations and their own videos gave them the genius phrase to now make a verbal version of violence. 

RAICHIK: Stochastic. 

SCHAFFER: Yeah, but I give you the credit. You're inspiring new forms of right-wing hatred. 

RAICHIK: Oh yay. Can we get that confetti again? Okay, thank you. Yeah, they literally made that up for, like, me, Tucker, Matt Walsh, and Chris Rufo. Like they made up a term for that, terrorist for us. So honestly that makes me feel really important, so thank you.