On Fox News, Ben Shapiro says vaccine mandates are the cause of overwhelmed hospitals

 Shapiro: “Omicron is not causing mass death, it is not causing mass hospitalization”

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Citation From the January 3, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime 

LAWRENCE JONES (HOST): Ben, you know, it seems like the President won his election because of he was said to be the one that could fight the virus. That has been a lie. I don't think anybody really had the tools to fight the virus. It is a virus. You can only mitigate things by giving states the tools. So, I guess my question is, if he won because of that, will he lose because of that as well? 

BEN SHAPIRO (GUEST): I mean, I think the answer is yes. The President overpromised and under delivered. He made a promise that was a complete lie and that was that he was going to be able to shut down the virus. As you say, no one has the capacity to shut down this virus. As we've seen, in states that have extraordinarily high percentages and their citizens vaccinated, they're still seeing huge spikes. Now, what's amazing about all of this that we're seeing right now is that people are panicking over Omicron. Omicron is not causing mass death, it is not causing mass hospitalization. In fact, the problems that we are having in terms of hospital shortages are largely due to the vax mandates and a lot of healthcare workers who are not going back to work because they are not allowed to work. 

The reality is that in half the country right now, people are living normal lives and they are going about their daily business, and another half of the country -- and in the halls of the White House -- precisely the opposite is true. There is a mandate for everyone's panic no matter whether the data supports the panic or not.