Trump ally Laura Loomer: “You are an enemy to this country if you do not vote for Donald Trump”

Loomer: Jews who support Democrats “might as well just go put yourself in a gas chamber yourself if this is how you're gonna behave”

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Citation From the April 24, 2024, edition of The John Fredericks Show, uploaded to Rumble

LAURA LOOMER (GUEST): Joe Biden has completely destroyed this country, and I don't care if people don't like Donald Trump's personality. I don't care if people find him vulgar. I just don't care. I just don't care because right now, if you vote for Joe Biden and you don't vote for Donald Trump, you hate — you just hate this country. That's what it is. It's either you vote for Trump or you hate this country.


If you don't vote for Donald Trump — OK, everyone's entitled to their opinion. But if you don't vote for Donald Trump, then you just hate this country. And I'm just gonna write you off as somebody who hates this country. I'm not gonna respect you. I'm not gonna treat you like my equal. I'm not gonna give you respect or dignity when I talk to you because you don't deserve respect and you don't deserve dignity if you do not vote for Donald Trump. That's personally where I am right now because we're not gonna have a future. And if you are not voting for Donald Trump, then I view it as a direct attack on me and my life and my ability to have a future and a country to live in. So if you don't vote for Donald Trump, you're an enemy to me. 

That's just how I am right now. It's a matter of survival. People need to start treating this election as a matter of survival. You are an enemy to this country if you do not vote for Donald Trump.

JOHN FREDERICKS (HOST): Laura, you know, a lot of what you say is accurate and that's why the Democrats are just so miserable and mean, and I experienced it at the polls yesterday. One thing — I had a gentleman go and I had to, I was at the polls for 12 hours because of my race, so the first thing I would ask is, “Are you voting in the Republican primary?” Because if they're voting in the Democratic primary, then there was no reason for us to engage because I was only running in the Republican primary, no November election or anything like that. So, anyway, I was saying this earlier. All of the Democrats that would be like, “no,” were all nasty except for a handful. One guy has a — and I just thought this to myself -- he had a yamaka on and he was obviously Jewish and middle-aged guy and he says, “No, no, Democrat.” And I'm like, “OK.” So I see him walking in and I'm thinking to myself, “You're going to vote in a primary for a party that wants to kill you because their supporters want to kill Jews.”

I don't get this, like why are you voting for an organization that represents your race getting wiped off the face of the Earth, chanting, “From the river to the sea,” and they're raping your women? I mean, why are you a Democrat? Do you realize that they just want you dead? I mean, that's what I'm thinking when the guy's going in there. And I can't figure this out, why a Jewish person would vote when you're seeing these riots at Columbia University and everything else. And you're seeing this, and you're seeing the Democratic party come to their defense and Hamas and everything else. And they're raping Jew women and killing Jews indiscriminately, and putting babies in ovens. How could you be Jewish and vote for these people? 

LOOMER: Look, at this point in time —

FREDERICKS: Can you explain that to me?

LOOMER: No I can't, because I'm Jewish myself —


LOOMER: It's either a genetic malfunction or a mental illness at this point, honestly. And we just celebrated Passover, well it's still ongoing. OK? And I'm reminded of the fact that only 20% of the Jews left Egypt, only about 25% of Jews vote Republican. So I don't know if it's some type of mental illness or some kind of genetic disposition. I don't know what it is, but historically speaking the Jewish people have always gone against their own best interests. And I'm not trying to sound derogatory when I say this, I'm Jewish myself, but you have to ask yourself. The numbers align throughout history. The Jewish people have a record of making poor decisions for themselves. I mean, they act in ways that are suicidal and detrimental to the survival of their own people, and I tell — I said it yesterday. And President Trump said it too. He said, “Any Jewish person that votes for Joe Biden needs to have their head inspected.” If you are watching, just like I do as a Jew, what is happening across this country right now, you're seeing these Hamas riots, you're seeing Jewish Democrats refuse to speak out, you're seeing people chant, “Kill all Jews. Kill all Zionists.” I had a Hezbollah flag thrown in my face the other day when I was in New York City covering these riots on Wall Street. OK? Somebody actually said, “Die Jew die,” and they threw a Hezbollah flag in my face. 

If you're a Democrat and you're voting as a Jew or a Democrat, then you kind of deserve what's coming your way. These are like the Jews during the times of the Holocaust who assisted the Nazis because they thought that they were gonna be the last to go. These are like the kapo Jews of the Holocaust, John, who helped shovel Jews inside the gas chambers and shovel Jews inside the cable cars. OK? That's what these people are.

That's basically what modern Democrat Jews are. They're kapo Jews. You might as well just go put yourself in a gas chamber yourself if this is how you're gonna behave. Because the crocodile might eat you last, but the crocodile is still going to eat you. And I don't care how inflammatory that sounds.


If you're a Jew and you vote for Joe Biden and you do not vote for Donald Trump, then you kind of deserve what's coming your way. It's not going to be pleasant.