Michael Savage interviews Laura Loomer, says “it's the Muslims who got you off social media”

Loomer claims “the Islamic jihadists at CAIR” got her banned from Twitter and Facebook for hate speech violations

Michael Savage interviews GOP congressional nominee Laura Loomer - 08-19-2020

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Citation From the August 19, 2020, edition of Westwood One’s The Savage Nation

LAURA LOOMER (REPUBLICAN U.S. HOUSE NOMINEE, FLORIDA): You and I have something in common. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR — which is Hamas, a terrorist organization — they actually privately lobbied the big tech social media companies to ban me. And so, they banned me because I was —

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): Wait, wait. Is that why Kim Jong Un Zuckerberg banned you?

LOOMER: Well, that's why I was banned on Twitter, and then after that, that's why everybody else — yes, I was banned on every single social media —

SAVAGE: All right, Kim Jong Dorsey banned you, too?

LOOMER: Yes. Mark Zuckerberg, the ultimate self-hating Jew. Yes.

SAVAGE: How is it that possible, that you are banned, and Alexandria Occasional Cortex is not banned? How is that even possible?

LOOMER: Well, look, we live in a backward society. And you of all people were one of the first to call it — you know, you've really been a visionary, calling out a lot of this stuff for decades now, long before anybody else did.

SAVAGE: Oh, I like it, you ought to write my biography, you're too busy. Laura, let me ask you something. What issue — how did you distinguish yourself amongst other Republican candidates in the 21st District race that you just won?

LOOMER: Well, I am a freedom fighter. And you know, I believe in freedom of speech, and speaking the raw truth, the unfiltered truth, it doesn't matter who it offends. This is America, and you have the right to say what you want and how you want to say it. And you know, I think given that I am, you know, a very outspoken critic of Big Tech, and I've garnered a national following — really an international following of millions of people, due to the high-profile nature surrounding my case and my battle against the Big Tech tyranny and this egregious censorship that's been carried out against me simply because I'm a Zionist woman —

SAVAGE: Oh, that's a dirty word amongst the Islamists, isn't it?

LOOMER: Yeah, well they don't —

SAVAGE: So, am I to believe it's the Muslims who got you off social media? That they were the ones who lobbied to get you off, the fellow travelers of ISIS?

LOOMER: Yes, it was the Islamic jihadists at CAIR who, like I said, carried out a full-blown lobby effort to shut me down. And I filed a lawsuit—

SAVAGE: Why doesn't Donald Trump do something about CAIR? He's been president now for almost four years. Have you — he's a big fan of yours, have you raised the issue with anyone in the White House?

LOOMER: Well, I have raised the issue with people in the White House, and they are aware of my litigation against CAIR, which is up on appeal right now. But look, I realized that if I wanted to see change, I couldn't rely on other people. And while I'm a die-hard supporter of President Trump, and an America First patriot, I realized that if I wanted to see change, if I wanted to, you know, address the Islamification in our country, and if I wanted to protect free speech, I would have to become the change I wanted to see.