Laura Loomer: People like Mehdi Hasan “need to be purged from this country” or else “we're gonna have another 9/11 on steroids”

Loomer: “People like him need to be removed from this country. OK? They need to be purged from this country.”

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Citation From the February 1, 2024 edition of Loomer Unleashed, streamed on Rumble

LAURA LOOMER (HOST): I really don't care about their feelings. I don't care how many hit pieces these people write about me and how they wanna have their little savage commentators like Mehdi Hasan, who's a jihadist, and he has jihadist tendencies and sympathies as I just showed you in that clip. It's why he was literally fired from MSNBC. OK? Like, when you're too radical for MSDNC, you might as well just, like, get on a plane and try to go to Gaza. Oh, that's right. They don't have an airport, right? Because it's gone.

CHARLES DOWNS (GUEST): Yeah, they got bombed out. Oops.

LOOMER: Yeah. Well, good. Right? Good. They don't have an airport because they're controlled by Hamas. Right? They're controlled by Hamas and maybe, right, maybe if Mehdi Hasan would have actually done his job as opposed to being a mouthpiece for terrorists in Qatar and in Gaza who supported him and propped him up when he was a mouthpiece over at MSDNC, maybe he would have a job today if he actually reported the truth and talked about how he can't just take a plane over to Gaza and land. Why do they not have an airport? Oh, because, well, Islamic aggression against the Jews in Israel, right, caused their airstrip to be bombed.

So, maybe he shouldn't be such a terrorist sympathizer, and then maybe he would still have a job. And then maybe instead of tweeting about me and not tagging me because he's a coward and doesn't have the courage to tag me, maybe Mehdi Hasan would have a platform to actually say these things that he wants to say about me and criticize me for on television. But he doesn't have a job anymore because even MSDNC said that his Jew hatred and his pro-jihadist, pro-Hamas, pro-Qatar bullshit that just spewed out of his mouth like a hose was too much for them. I mean, imagine how mentally ill and screwed up and how radical you have to be to be fired from MSDNC. So, I don't really care what Mehdi Hasan thinks about me. And you know what? If he wants to talk about me every single time he wants to utter my mouth and put my mouth on Twitter, I'll just blast that tweet out to my nearly 900,000 Twitter followers. I'm just gonna keep on sharing that clip, and then everybody can see. Right? He wants to accuse me of saying that someone's a dog. Let's see what he says about Jews and Christians, he's despicable.

He is absolutely despicable, and people like him need to be removed from this country. OK? They need to be purged from this country because we have a national security problem in this country, and we need to purge and deport all jihadists and their sympathizers from this country, or else we're gonna have another 9/11 on steroids. That's what's gonna happen in this country. And I know that Republicans are scared because they don't wanna be called an Islamophobe, and they don't wanna be called anti-Muslim, and they don't wanna be called all these things. I don't care.