Kari Lake is a friend and supporter of Laura Loomer, who has described herself as “pro-white nationalism” and a “proud Islamophobe”

Loomer recently appeared at a fundraiser for the Republican Senate candidate, where Trump praised Loomer for her “courage”

Laura Loomer and Kari Lake
Pictures from the social media accounts of Loomer and Lake

U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake has been cultivating the support of far-right commentator Laura Loomer, who has described herself as a “proud Islamophobe,” said she is “pro-white nationalism,” and celebrated the death of thousands of migrants.

Lake has praised Loomer as “a true warrior,” told her “Trump loves you and appreciates you and so do I,” and promoted her attacks on election officials, including against a Republican who has sued Lake for defamation. 

Lake’s friendship with Loomer appears to be paying dividends, as the far-right commentator frequently praises the Arizona Republican to her followers and attacks Lake’s perceived opponents.

On April 3, Lake held a fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Loomer attended the fundraiser and promoted it on social media, writing: “Kari Lake has become a dear friend over the last 2 years, and she has my complete support and endorsement. I encourage all of my supporters to donate to her campaign. I will be donating to her campaign. If you would like to attend this fundraiser, you can RSVP here.” 

After the fundraiser, Loomer posted a picture of herself with Lake and again encouraged people to donate to her campaign. Lake responded: “Thank you, Laura. And thank you for being an incredible investigative journalist. President Trump loves you and appreciates you and so do I.” 

Loomer is a twice-failed Republican congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist who hosts a show on Rumble. The following is a brief history of her bigotry:

  • During a 2017 podcast, Loomer said: “I totally support ethnonationalism. Someone asked me ‘Are you pro-white nationalism?’ Yes. I’m pro-white nationalism.”
  • Loomer described herself as a “proud Islamophobe” and wrote: “I never want another Muslim entering this country EVER AGAIN!” She has also called Muslims “savages” who “ruin everything.”
  • In response to a July 2017 headline that “over 2,000 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean so far this year,” Loomer tweeted: “Good. [clapping emoji] Here's to 2,000 more.” Hundreds of children had already died in the Mediterranean that year when Loomer made that remark. (In 2023, the U.N. wrote that “since 2018, UNICEF estimates around 1,500 children have died or gone missing while attempting the Central Mediterranean Sea crossing. This number accounts for 1 in 5 of the 8,274 people who have died or gone missing on the route, according to IOM’s Missing Migrant Project records.”) 
  • Loomer wrote of the 2019 mass murder of 51 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand: “Nobody cares about Christchurch. I especially don’t.”  
  • In March, Loomer said of anti-immigrant vigilante violence: “Someone's gonna snap. It's gonna happen. And you know what? I'm not gonna care when it happens. You know why? Because there's only so much people can take.”
  • Loomer has said that she wants Palestinian Americans purged from the government.
  • During a discussion attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her constituents, Loomer said that she believes in “IQ science” and claimed that “some of the people that have the lowest IQs are Somalis.” 
  • Loomer was banned from Uber and Lyft after she posted online that she didn’t want to be driven by Muslims. 

Lake has endorsed and courted extremists during her relatively short political career, making her friendship with Loomer a natural alliance. 

  • Lake posted a picture of herself with Loomer in January and wrote: “Ran into this Warrior in Iowa tonight. America First all the way!” 
  • Last August, Loomer shared another photo of the two together and wrote, “Happy Birthday to the BEAUTIFUL AND FABULOUS ⁦@KariLake. I hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are, Kari!!! Love you!” Lake replied: “Thank you!”
  • After Loomer wrote that Lake impressed her as a candidate, the Arizona Republican responded: “Thank you, @LauraLoomer. You love America as much as @realDonaldTrump and me.” 
  • In July, Loomer and Lake met at a book signing in Florida, with Lake telling her afterward: “Great to see you today.” 
  • Lake, who is a prominent election denier, thanked Loomer after she praised the candidate for purportedly “fighting for election integrity!” 
  • In February 2023, Loomer said she met with Lake and hopes Trump picks her to be his vice president. Lake replied: “You are too kind. Thank you, Laura. It was great to catch up. You are a true warrior.”
  • This February, Lake promoted Loomer’s post alleging that “violent gangs in Venezuela” are headed to the U.S. border. She also responded to a post saying Loomer was going to the Darién Gap in Panama: “The Darien Gap is about to get Loomered.” 

In May 2023, Lake promoted a Rumble video by Loomer claiming that election officials, including from Arizona, would be participating in a conference in Washington, D.C., “and it's a sign that the theft of the 2020 election is about to replicate itself as we head into the 2024 presidential election season.” The “Kari Lake War Room” account also promoted Loomer and told her: “Phenomenal reporting.” 

That Lake-promoted Loomer video included an attack on Stephen Richer, the Maricopa County recorder in Arizona who sued Lake for defamation after she claimed he helped rig the 2020 election against her. Lake has declined to defend herself in the case.  

Loomer has repeatedly attacked Richer in other instances. 

  • Last May, Loomer mocked Richer after he said “he now has to take blood pressure medicine because of some of the people we now have to deal with (ie, those suspicious of election outcomes).” 
  • Loomer quoted a post by Lake attacking Richer and wrote: “Stephen Richer, another crooked Maricopa County election official, is also set to attend the secret election summit hosted by CEIR in Washington DC on May 8-9 that I exposed in an exclusive report.” 
  • Loomer encouraged her followers to file complaints to the State Bar of Arizona about supposed misconduct by Richer.

Loomer has also called for Democratic secretaries of state to be imprisoned. She has attacked Arizona Democrat Adrian Fontes as a “radical Leftist Secretary of State” and “confronted him” at the D.C. conference.

Last November, Donald Trump Jr. said that he would like to see Loomer serve as White House press secretary should his father win the presidency. (Loomer said she would accept.)

The former president is also apparently a fan of Loomer. She has said that “every time President Trump sees me, he always says, ‘You're so smart. I love your site so much. You're so intelligent. I love your articles,’” and additionally stated that Trump supposedly told her that “I read your website every day.” (Trump’s reliance on Loomer has repeatedly spurred him to attack judges who oversee his cases.) 

Trump also shouted out Loomer during Lake’s fundraiser, saying: “That’s a woman with courage. You don’t want to be Loomered. If you’re Loomered, you’re in deep trouble. That’s the end of your career, in a sense.” 

Loomer regularly hosts Republican officials on her Rumble program, including Sen. J.D Vance (R-OH), Reps. Nancy Mace (R-SC) and Cory Mills (R-FL), Republican National Committee member Sigal Chattah, and Colorado GOP head Dave Williams. Trump senior adviser Jason Miller has appeared on Loomer’s program and praised her as “the best.” Miller is also an adviser for Lake.