Watch Fox's Chris Wallace call out Laura Ingraham's “complete mischaracterization” of the midterms as a GOP victory

Wallace: “I don't think that's a fair thing to say about the Democrats. I think that is a complete mischaracterization”

From the November 6 edition of Fox News' Election Coverage:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: If you're not aligned behind the basic principles of kind of this conservative populist approach of Trump, not his tone necessarily but his policies you're not going anywhere. And by contrast the Democrats are going home to more of a Ocasio-Cortez party which I think in 2020 to Karl's point, that's going to be a tough sell. I don't think that works.

CHRIS WALLACE: I don't think that's a fair thing to say about the Democrats. I think that is a complete mischaracterization.

INGRAHAM: OK go ahead.

WALLACE: If you -- Laura.


WALLACE: If you look at the Democrats who are winning across, Abigal Spanberger, Jennifer Wexton.

INGRAHAM: They're liberal, they're liberal.

WALLACE: The reason that they're winning is not because they went far left, it's because they've got women who have military or intelligence credentials and there's this caricature out there, let's wait and see what the margin is, let's see where they won and let's see what their policies are and you know if you're going to give the Republicans credit for holding on to the Senate then I think you have to give the Democrats credit for actually flipping the House.


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