Right-Wing Media Use Interruptions To Attack Debate Moderator Raddatz

Right-wing media are attacking ABC reporter Martha Raddatz, the moderator of the vice-presidential debate, complaining that she interrupted GOP candidate Paul Ryan significantly more than Vice President Joe Biden. In fact, Raddatz interrupted Biden and Ryan roughly the same number of times. 

Following the October 11 debate, right-wing media figures complained that Raddatz cut Ryan off significantly more often than she did Biden. Washington Examiner senior editorial writer Philip Klein tweeted, “Every time Biden starts interrupting Ryan, Martha Raddatz cuts Ryan off.” Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham complained that Raddatz interrupted Ryan when he rebutted “Biden's illogical position on abortion and Catholic Church.” Town Hall news editor Katie Pavlich wrote, “This debate should be renamed: Joe Biden and the Moderator Interrupt Paul Ryan!” 

But Raddatz interrupted Biden and Ryan approximately an equal number of times. According to a Media Matters review of the debate, Raddatz interrupted Biden 15 times and Ryan 18 times: