Right-Wing Media Accuse Obama Of Making Bin Laden Death All About Himself

Immediately following President Obama's announcement that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, right-wing media took every opportunity to attack the president for his actions and remarks regarding the mission that led to bin Laden's death. Conservative media outlets and personalities have declared that the death of the world's most famous terrorist was just another opportunity for the president to “strut like [a] peacock” and make it all about himself.

Right-Wing Media: It's All About Obama

Geller Accused Obama Of “Shamelessly Strut[ting] Like [A] Peacock.” In a May 2 blog post, Pamela Geller wrote: “Gd bless our troops. Obama can puff himself and shamelessly strut like peacock [sic], but hats off to the US military that has been relentless, dogged and brave for ten years in their mission to kill that devout bastard.” [Atlas Shrugs, 5/2/11]

Wash. Times: Obama's Speech About Bin Laden Was "Consistent With His View That Everything Is About Him." In a May 2 column, Washington Times editorial page editor Brett Decker wrote that Obama's statement about bin Laden's death “made it clear that the campaign season for his 2012 reelection bid is fully underway” and was “consistent with his view that everything is about him.” Decker later wrote that "[b]in Laden's death is more Mr. Bush's victory than Mr. Obama's." From Decker's column:

President Obama took to the airwaves shortly before midnight to confirm the good news and take credit for it. The wording of his short statement made it clear that the campaign season for his 2012 reelection bid is fully underway. He used the words “I,” “me” and “my” so many times it was hard to count for such a quick message. Not only is this consistent with his view that everything is about him, it also reflected the reality that this president is weak and perceived by the world to be a lackluster leader who has undermined American power. He needs to grab any opportunity he can to make himself believable as a commander in chief. Crowds flocked to White House gates to celebrate bin Laden's demise, giving this unpopular president a rare glimpse of public support that won't last long.

Mr. Obama called his predecessor, former President George W. Bush, to tell him the news. This was only fitting as it was Mr. Bush's policies that took the fight to the enemy and didn't back down despite opposition from timid politicians such as then-Sen. Barack Obama. Bin Laden's death is more Mr. Bush's victory than Mr. Obama's because American forces wouldn't even be fighting in South Asia had Democratic doves had their way. Mr. Obama may indeed have instructed CIA Director Leon Panetta to make the capture of bin Laden a top priority, as he boasted Sunday night, but he was reiterating a mandate already established as national policy. [The Washington Times, 5/2/11, emphasis added]

CNN's Loesch Suggested Obama “Politicize[d] The Hell Out Of” Bin Laden Announcement. In a May 2 Twitter post, CNN contributor Dana Loesch wrote: “Geebus. All he had to do was walk out and fist pump. Not politicize the hell out of it.”

Loesch tweet[Twitter, 5/2/11]

Malkin: “Democrat Hacks Are Burning The Midnight Oil Making This All About Obama.” In a May 2 post to her website titled, “All About Obama: Who's Politicizing Bin Laden Kill?” Michelle Malkin wrote:

Leftists are swarming Twitter to chastise any conservatives who dare give any credit to President Bush for his resolve and role in leading the post-9/11 counterrorism/national security response to the worst attack on American soil.

Meanwhile, Democrat hacks are burning the midnight oil making this All About Obama.

Malkin linked to her post on Twitter, stating: “U know who Obama forgot 2 thank? Bush-era interrogators&detention staff who dvlped intel re couriers.”

[Michelle Malkin, 5/2/11, emphasis in original, Twitter, 5/2/11]

Right-Wing Media: George W. Bush Deserves All The Credit, Not Obama

Bolling: “Thank GWB For This Not BHO!” In a May 2 Twitter post, Fox Business host Eric Bolling wrote: “Andrea Mitchell just said 'this is a game changer for Barack Obama'..WHAT?? Thank GWB for this not BHO!” Bolling later posted a “correction” in another Twitter post, stating “correction.. thank The men and women who risked and lost their lives and GWB...not BHO.”

[Twitter, 5/2/11; 5/2/11]

Ingraham: Obama “Should Have Thanked GWB.” In two May 2 Twitter posts, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham accused Obama of turning his remarks on bin Laden “into a campaign speech. He should have thanked GWB, not reminded us OBL escaped.” Ingraham later posted, “BHO: ” 'America can do whatever we set our mind to' ... like keep spending according to my budget and raise the debt ceiling!"

[Twitter, 5/2/11; 5/2/11]

Right-Wing Media: Any And All Attacks Apply

Mattera: “I Bet Even Michelle Obama Is Proud Of Her Country Right Now!” In a May 2 Twitter post, Human Events editor Jason Mattera wrote, “I bet even Michelle Obama is proud of her country right now!”

[Twitter, 5/2/11]

Massie: “I Hope It Dsnt [Sic] Take 10” Years To Get Obama For “His Attacks On US Constitution.” In a May 2 Twitter post, Project 21 chairman and WorldNetDaily contributor Mychal Massie wrote, “I hope it dsnt take 10 yrs 2 get bho 4 his attacks on US constitution.”

[Twitter, 5/2/11]

Hoft: “Obama Ignores Iraq War In Clumsy Statement On Osama Bin Laden's Death.” In a May 2 Twitter post, Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft wrote, “Obama ignores Iraq War in clumsy statement on Osama bin Laden's death.”

[Twitter, 5/2/11]

Geller Reaction To Obama's Address: “Sheesh ........ The Man Is Insane.” In a May 1 blog post, Geller wrote: “I am really surprised that Obama didn't insist he be brought to Manhattan to stand trial here in New York. Seriously.” During the president's address, Geller updated the post, writing: “The teleprompter is speaking *yawn* The teleprompter is taking credit for the killing. Every other word is I. ... Sheesh ........ the man is insane.” [Atlas Shrugs, 5/1/11]

Drudge: “Bin Laden Announcement Came In The Middle Of Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'” Beginning on May 1, the Drudge Report featured the headline, “BIN LADEN ANNOUNCEMENT CAME IN THE MIDDLE OF TRUMP'S 'CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.'”

[Drudge Report, 5/1/11]