Newt Gingrich: “In a close election,” Democrats “want every vote counted that you can manufacture”

Gingrich: Democrats “don't care whether those votes are legal or they're illegal. ... They don't care if they win with stolen votes.”

From the November 14 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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NEWT GINGRICH (FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE): If you're the Democrats, you have a simple principle: In a close election, you want every vote counted that you can manufacture. And anybody who doesn't want phony votes counted is either racist or anti-popular will, and you literally don't care what the law is.


The people in Broward County are breaking the law. It's not that the law is wrong, it's that it's being broken. And I think this is not a new thing. You know, [former Minnesota Sen.] Al Franken lost on Election Day, and then, magically, they discovered several hundred ballots that just happened to all be for Franken, and at the end, he won. This is not a new behavior. 

It goes back, in my lifetime, at least to 1960 when, the truth is, John F. Kennedy was elected by stealing Illinois and stealing Texas. I mean, no historian doubts that the 1960 election, which was one of the closest in American history, the states of Illinois and Texas literally were stolen by the Democrats, so there's a long tradition of this sort of thing. 

And, part of the difference in the two parties is, Republicans focus on campaigning, Democrats focus on elections. And what the Democrats want to know is, at the end of Election Day, or at the end of the count long after Election Day, do we have a majority of the votes? And they don't care whether those votes are legal or they're illegal. 


When people start talking about, “Oh, we really have to play fair,” the people playing fair are going to get crushed by people whose only interest is going out and winning the election. And they don't care if they win with stolen votes.


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