MSNBC Host Jose Diaz-Balart Responds To Laura Ingraham's Mockery Of His Bilingual Interview

Diaz-Balart: “If Our Names Bother Them, What We All Have To Tell Them Is, 'I'm Bilingual,' And You Know What? We're Not Leaving”

On the September 23 edition of her radio program, ABC News contributor Laura Ingraham mocked Jose Diaz-Balart for conducting a bilingual interview with Maria Cruz Ramirez on his MSNBC show. Ingraham said, “I can't even follow what he's saying because it's so herky-jerky. Are we sure he's a native Spanish speaker?”

Diaz-Balart responded on the September 26 edition of the Telemundo show Un Nuevo Dia, saying, “It happens to many people everywhere, all the time. But you know what? We are here to contribute. To take our families forward. To contribute to this country.”

Translation by Miguel Ferrer