“Look at me, look at me”: Laura Ingraham and guest mock sexual assault survivors for protesting Jeff Flake, ask if protest was “staged”

Raymond Arroyo: “By giving into this horde, you're going to unleash another antifa-like swarm, and this will continue”

From the September 28 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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RAYMOND ARROYO: Let's talk about these protests that have been swarming Capitol Hill. We've seen it in restaurants, in movie theaters. This week, Capitol Hill offices were filled with protesters. Poor Lindsey Graham, he was outrunning the mob. This looked like something out of one of those Frankenstein movies, you know, where the villagers -- look, they're yelling and screaming at him with signs, poking him.


ARROYO: This was the scene all over the capitol.

INGRAHAM: Paid protesters.

ARROYO: But this built to the moment today, when Jeff Flake, who was always on the fence about whether he was going to vote Kavanaugh out of committee, was cornered in an elevator today. You showed it earlier. We're going to let people hear it. This is that moment that Flake claims caused his change of heart.


ARROYO: The insistence, the anger, the harassment of public officials.

INGRAHAM: This looks like a --

ARROYO: I worry about this. Do you think this is staged? Might have been staged, to justify the change of heart?

INGRAHAM: “Look at me, look at me” -- I'm sorry, but, first of all, who's his staff?


INGRAHAM: If you did that to one of those women, they would be screaming harassment. They don’t like it. First of all, if you’re someone who is sexually assaulted, that is a horrible terrible thing but that therefore does not mean that every person who is accused of sexual harassment is guilty. The logic class doesn’t seem to have been attended by these people.


ARROYO: I worry that by giving into this horde, you're going to unleash another antifa-like swarm, and this will continue. What are we teaching kids? Throw a temper tantrum, you get what you want.

INGRAHAM: Use the f-bomb. Use the f-bomb, and follow people.

ARROYO: It's a bad message.


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