Laura Ingraham: US judges are “aiding and abetting” human traffickers by applying due process to immigrants

Ingraham: “We are fomenting the humanitarian crisis because we have allowed people with our idiotic laws, we have allowed people to game the system and think they can come in”

From the April 25 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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CALLER: I'm pretty upset about this whole thing, this DACA. And we can't seem to overturn what Obama's done. Now, I thought he did a stroke of the pen, so thank you for clarifying that, but he still had his cronies say well we're just going to let this happen. So now all of a sudden they have all these rights and they think they're privileged and that anybody who goes against immigration is full of hate and we're racist. And I'm really upset about it. And I --

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, join the club. We're all upset about it. Being upset about it is one thing; having an answer is another. I gave you an answer. I gave all of you an understanding of this you're not going to get anywhere else on radio today, that Congress has the power to limit the jurisdiction of the inferior courts, and we've done so throughout our history at various points in time. We've abolished entire classes of lower courts. And we have the power to do this again. But this is where we need real leadership in Congress. So instead of focusing on spending money on stupid programs, instead of spending and wasting our time figuring out ways to keep these people in the United States, Congress should be going coast to coast. We should have leadership in Congress who makes this a priority. Make it a priority. Limit the jurisdiction of these out-of-control lower courts. And again, it goes all the way back to that Judge Dolly Gee in California who initially in 1997 forced the U.S. government -- again, this is the Clinton administration. That's how liberal they are, forcing the Clinton administration into a settlement agreement about detaining -- how you detain these unaccompanied minors, these children at the border. So one judge in California essentially was able to legislate from the bench U.S. immigration detention policy.


INGRAHAM: Let's go to Mike in Maine. Mike wants the military to airlift these people back home. Sounds good to me. Mike, go ahead.

CALLER: Hey, Laura. Listen, this is a federal operation now. And not only is the National Guard involved, but the Air National Guard is involved. So in my opinion what they need to do is roll out the C-130s and put them on standby, and they need to hand out color-coded cards to each one of these people by nation of origin, whatever color. Load them up, notify the countries that they're on the way back, and any country that refuses to take them, all foreign aid will stop immediately --

INGRAHAM: I agree, this is an emergency. I agree. This is a national emergency, Mike. National emergency. We cannot -- and also, we have to remind everyone that we are fomenting the humanitarian crisis because we have allowed people with our idiotic laws, we have allowed people to game the system and think they can come in, so they risk life and limb to try to get here. So we have some of the responsibility here. And yes, endangering the lives of these people, the drug cartels are helped by this, the human traffickers make money off this, and we as a country are aiding and abetting it. And these judges are supremely at fault. Aiding and abetting by implication the human traffickers and the drug smugglers and then causing humanitarian problems along the way. 


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