Laura Ingraham: Trump should shut down the government because if he doesn't “get this wall built... we've lost the country anyway”

Ingraham: “I think the president wins this every day of the week. He should say 'OK, prepare the shutdown'”

From the December 11 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (CO-HOST): I think this is Trump's moment, and I think he's got to take the moment. He cannot kick this down the road. If he does, I think it's terrible for him politically. I think Congress wants to play this game with our border given everything we've seen over the last few months, bubbling up, surging up to the southern border. I think the president wins this every day of the week. He should say “OK, prepare the shutdown -- prepare the partial government shutdown” -- it's only a partial government shutdown. It's not hurting the military or any essential services. 


You want to know why a lot of the California beaches close regularly? Because the sewage pipe south of the border that just lets raw sewage go into the ocean, the way the tides can go can bring it right up to the where the surfers and the beach folks are. Yeah, but we want to bring all -- a mass of humanity. The link today that I saw said that half of El Salvador and Guatemala want to come to the United States. Half -- I'm surprised it's just half. Illegal immigration last month hit it's highest level in over a decade. That's -- we're losing the country. I'll just say it, we're losing the country, and it's happening under Trump's watch. Not good. You think it's dangerous for you to shut the government down before Christmas, what's dangerous is for this situation to keep going on our southern border. 158 million migrants want to move to the U.S., it's the world's top pick. Yeah of course, but the key fact is Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras half the citizens in those countries want out. Dominican Republic is suffering under corruption, health crises, they still have an enormous AIDS crisis there, I feel terrible for the people there but I mean we can't take in everyone. This as we have record -- still record veteran homelessness in the United States. But do you agree with me on this? That this is not a time for Donald Trump to play it cautious here on this. The time is gone for that. Is it a Hail Mary pass? Maybe. Maybe you call it a Hail Mary pass but it's the only way he can go. You don't get this wall built, you don't get real fortification on the border, you don't get Congress to stop this madness, we've lost the country anyway. 


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