Laura Ingraham: Trump Is Like Abraham Lincoln Because They Both “Had Moral Failings”

Ingraham: Lincoln “Had To Do Some Really Immoral Things ... To Win The Civil War”

From the May 6 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

CALLER: The problem I have with this whole thing, Laura, is that Donald Trump is a person who violates every moral principle that I've been raised with and raised to believe. And I don't see how I can support a guy when to support him would be like selling my soul.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): OK, on what particular issues?

CALLER: Well, let's see. He's immoral, multiple adulterer, philanderer, boasts about his promiscuity and his sexual degradation of women.

INGRAHAM: So, Reagan was divorced, right. So you don't believe in divorce, obviously, right?

CALLER: Well, no.

INGRAHAM: OK, Reagan was divorced, right?

CALLER: Reagan was divorced, but his wife divorced him.

INGRAHAM: You think any president that did great things for the country was, had moral failings? Do you think, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus for goodness sake. We had hundreds of thousands who were slaughtered in one of the most vicious -- Lincoln was an amazing man and we owe him so much. But remember, he had to do some really immoral things, also, to win the Civil War for the union of the country. They had to make choices. Morality is, we're not picking a church leader. We're picking someone who can guide the country away from this globalist disaster that we've gotten ourselves into, who can fix, or at least get us down the road to fixing our debt bomb, disarming our debt bomb. And all I'll say to you is I understand. He's not perfect. Lord knows I'm not. But if we allow Hillary Clinton to become president, a woman who without a doubt believes that America should not be a sovereign country. She believes America should only work in concert with other countries on major issues from foreign policy to economic policy to trade policy to immigration policy. So we lose our independence and our sovereignty in the direction that we would lose it under Hillary Clinton to judges who rule by judicial fiat, that that all of the things you love, all of the things that you believe in are going to be gone, anyway. So I understand you're upset about Trump, I get it. I understand it. But all of the holy rollers on Capitol Hill for all those people we elected who are pure as the driven snow, all these years later we have 50 million abortions, gay marriage is the law of the land, and we have a social construct that is very foreign to a lot of Americans who are listening right now. So we've had the purists in office and what did that actually get us? How much did we accomplish as social conservatives?



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