Laura Ingraham tells CPAC to dismiss critics as racists and misogynists

From Laura Ingraham's February 28 remarks at CPAC 2019:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (FOX NEWS HOST): My friends we are the envy, not of the press corps perhaps, but the envy of the world because of this president's economic policies and his pragmatic, realistic approach to foreign policy. Donald Trump's policies actually work. Democrats and never-Trumps -- I think the never-Trumpers, they yearn for the old GOP of yesterday, the GOP of capitulation, and doubling down on wars and being the policemen of the world. None of that stuff worked. It might have had noble intentions, but it epically failed. With all due respect, policies of bad trade, and open borders, and endless wars led to Obama. It led to Bill Clinton. And we all see that now.

This bright beacon of peace and prosperity we're seeing cannot and must not be allowed to dim. African-Americans, Latinos, young people will have more freedom and more economic opportunity in these years than they will have ever had before. If we aren't afraid to preach this everywhere, to stand defiantly against the critics. To stand defiantly against those people who would demonize you, silence you, take snippets of what you say and beam them all over the internet, call you a racist, call you a xenophobe, call you a misogynist, call you every -ist and -ism that could come to mind. Look right back at them and say, “You're the real racist, you're the real misogynist, you are anti-women because you think all women have to think like you.”

My friends this is all up to you. We have to reject the false promise of socialism. All the giveaways never add up. Don't let them take your freedom. Don't let them frighten you from speaking your mind. They have their truths and their falsehoods. We have eternal truths that will never die, that will never burn out, and that will never be extinguished, ever.


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