Laura Ingraham suggests photos of Las Vegas gunman’s room were staged and he was in too “poor health” to have acted alone

Ingraham is Fox News’ newest prime-time host

On the October 5 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show, host Laura Ingraham used her platform to spread conspiracy theories about the massacre in Las Vegas, NV. Ingraham claimed photos of the shooter’s room “were selectively leaked” to the media and “look[ed] like a scene from a Law & Order” episode because everything is “perfectly laid down.” Ingraham implied that these selective photos were staged and leaked to support Democrats who were “speaking from the same [gun control] script” since the attack. Ingraham also baselessly suggested that the shooter was inexperienced with firearms and “clearly in poor health” to cast doubt on the possibility he acted alone. 

Ingraham’s new prime-time show, The Ingraham Angle, is slated to premiere on Fox News on October 30 at 10 p.m., the old time slot of her fellow conspiracy theory-loving commentator Sean Hannity. From the October 5 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I told you yesterday that when you hear the litany of repeated phrases the bump stock, the number of weapons, the time period in which he purchased the weapons, thoughts and prayers -- spare me your thoughts and prayers, we need action -- the Democrats were all reading from the same script for the last 72 hours. And then the photos came out. The photos selectively leaked from the crime scene, where -- and you look at the cover of The New York Times today, boy it really -- they're perfectly laid down. it looks -- I mean it does look like a scene from a Law & Order or something, don't you think? The way they're -- there's one in the bathtub, or there's one in the --

RAYMOND ARROYO: That's kind of a loveseat, that’s closing two half-chairs that are pushed together.

INGRAHAM: God. It's all -- I'm curious that you see the bump stock in the picture. 


INGRAHAM: Selective leaking of photos. The press has an overwhelming lack of curiosity as to why those photos were selectively leaked, and where are the other photos? Where are the press folks asking questions about the check-in of Mr. Paddock? When he checked-in by himself, 10 significant-sized bags that held these weapons? Where's that? Where's the video? You're releasing video of body cam -- like one body cam video, as far as I can tell just one. You know all those police officers had body cams. One body cam video. And these pictures of the cart and the -- it's just very curious. But you notice how the media, they're only on gun control. They're not on -- well, wait a second. How is this even possible for one man, with no significant weapons training --

ARROYO: 64 years old.

INGRAHAM: -- clearly in poor health, who could have pulled this off. Notice it's just -- there's something about this that just does not add up for a lot of Americans, and I can understand why people are thinking that. I have lots of questions.