Laura Ingraham suggests the FBI executed man who had made repeated threats to assassinate multiple political enemies of Donald Trump

Ingraham: “Executing a warrant, of course. But that doesn’t mean you execute an individual if it’s not warranted”

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Citation From the August 10, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle 

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): A man in his 70s, Craig Deleeuw Robertson made multiple violent and vile threats against Joe Biden's life ahead of the president's visit to that state. Well yesterday morning, in a predawn raid, he was killed by FBI agents hours before Biden was set to arrive in Salt Lake City. Now, the FBI reports that he was armed, but the other details surrounding the interaction that led to Robertson's death are vague. 

So, we reached out to the bureau to ask if the individual brandished his weapon at the agents or even pointed it or, of course, discharged it. We asked for any details about the incident. But the FBI responded by saying "It would not be able to comment on our questions at this time." Not able or not willing? It's not clear. 

But, let us be clear, violent threats against the president should always be investigated and, of course, charges filed when warranted. But it is also totally reasonable to ask for more information about how an obese man in his 70s, who had documented mobility issues, posed the threat that was described. 


Now, it's entirely possible that Robertson did represent a threat beyond what the neighbors may have perceived but there is no possibility that apparently ever that excessive force may have been used here or that we're, you know, only reserving a concern for police-involved shootings in the inner city when we're talking about excessive force possibilities? 


Well, executing a warrant, of course. But that doesn't mean you execute an individual if it's not warranted. Now, this is absurd, though, what you heard that last agent say because it kind of amounts to a smear, implicit, at least, of millions of Americans who may have supported President Trump or other conservatives implying that they can't be trusted or, I don't know, is it when in doubt, shoot first, ask questions later?