Laura Ingraham Stokes Fears About Muslim Refugees: Christians Do Not “Try To Blow Us Up”

From the November 19 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Turns out we now know that eight Syrians have been caught at the Texas border. Honduras has arrested five Syrians headed to the United States with stolen passports. Congressman Ellison, Keith Ellison, he's showing his true stripes here, talking about the refugee situation.


REP. KEITH ELLISON: If we allow them to scares us into closing our doors, they will use that to say to the refugees, see we told you. These people don't want you and they don't care that you're suffering


LAURA INGRAHAM: Oh. I see. Okay, so his view, he's trying to make the argument to us, one of the only two Muslim congressmen in the United States, he's trying to tell us that unless we coddle the refugees -- care for them, cradle to grave -- unless we do that, they are just susceptible people to radicalization. You see, we've actually brought in refugees from places like El Salvador, who are good people, and from Cuba, who are good people, who become American and love our country. We have brought in really good people, I know some of them. They're not susceptible to radicalization because they love America. But when we bring in people who have dual loyalties, their loyalties to the, whether it's the Quran, or the Quranic way of thinking, versus the loyalties to the United States, then we have big trouble on our hands. When the Quran conflicts with U.S. rule of law and Constitution.Then we have big problems on our hands, because we don't, correct me if I'm wrong, we don't have waves of refugees from predominately Christian countries who come in and then proceed to try to blow us up. Or proceed to go to their home countries, back to El Salvador, to then wreak havoc on El Salvador. Do we have that? Try to find me that, Drew. But we have had problems with this absurd resettlement refugee program approach where we've brought in tens of thousands of Somalis. And we haven't properly vetted them, I guess we couldn't vet them, and now we have hundreds and hundreds going back to Somalia to kill innocent people. But they were refugees in our country first.


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