The Laura Ingraham Show casts doubt on Lauer allegations, worry Today will be “all estrogen” without a male anchor

Ingraham and her producer agree: “You need a male anchor”

From the November 29 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Matt Lauer out at NBC after an allegation of inappropriate sexual conduct. Apparently at the Olympics. Yeah, so this was a --

PRODUCER: And they were in mourning today at Morning Joe. Took on a different cast.

INGRAHAM: Oh Morning Joe, they were all upset. Oh no no no --

PRODUCER: Willie Geist --

INGRAHAM: Craig Shirley emailed me, said it's like they died. They're acting like he died.


Well -- look, when your friends get in scraps and I get it. I actually like Willie Geist. Matt Lauer was always nice to me. I mean we fought a little bit but he was a liberal. Like I always knew he was a liberal but I don't know what these allegations are. I mean I'm not sticking up for him but I do think that at some point this all becomes weaponized, to use a phrase I'm sick of. Weaponized.

PRODUCER: We have to be very -- we have to be very careful because allegations are just that and -- what I -- what -- 

INGRAHAM: I think they're so -- they're so worried about their --

PRODUCER: They're worried about the -- chaos.

INGRAHAM: They're worried about their deals. They're worried about their big merger coming up. The antitrust division's already putting the kibash on this and they're worried that that will be another reason perhaps their NBC/Comcast -- all the -- I mean who knows? Who knows what these -- it could be a lot of reasons for jettisoning him overnight. Did he even get to pack up his office or did they're just setting his office --

PRODUCER: Well, they're also saying they have reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident, but the question is what does that mean? What does that mean? An isolated incident in that he was having other affairs --

INGRAHAM: Inappropriate hugs?

PRODUCER: I don't know.

INGRAHAM: Who should be the new anchor of the Today show? If you actually cared who was the anchor of the Today show, who should be the anchor of the Today show? You know Megyn Kelly's already, she's already in Andy Lack's office saying, “Give it to me. My show's tanking, right?” No, no, no, no, that's not working. 

PRODUCER: Well, Oprah, she ain't.

INGRAHAM: She's definitely going to go for it. Don't you think? And she's like all crying crocodile tears over Matt. [The National Enquirer] had a big story about how she and Matt hated each other.

PRODUCER: You can't have all -- it can't all be estrogen on the desk all day long. You got to have a little -- you need, you need the tension of a male at the desk. It only works that way. You need a male anchor.


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