Laura Ingraham says COVID vaccinations may not be necessary in North and South Dakota thanks to “herd immunity”

Ingraham: “They want to get vaccinated, but in that case it wouldn’t be necessary”

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Citation From the December 14, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

DR. HARVEY RISCH: The CDC has said for all of the cases that have been registered, identified, there's approximately six fold more people in the population who have actually been infected and most of them are asymptomatic. And what this means is for states like North Dakota and South Dakota which have had a 100 to 115,000 cases per million already registered, they are approaching what we call herd immunity. They have gotten there. They are -- they are tailing now out into the small numbers of a few hundred cases a day, and they're going to be into the tens, in another two weeks, three weeks, they'll be into the tens of cases per day, and they're trailing up. They -- they have passed through most of the epidemic. Other states are a little bit behind that. Some states haven't even gotten there yet, but that's where we are going.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Yeah, so in that case, Dr. Oskoui, in literally 10 seconds, I mean, people want to get vaccinated, they want to get vaccinated, but in that case it wouldn't be necessary. Correct?

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI: No it wouldn't. Vaccination creates artificial herd immunity. It looks like natural herd immunity's already developing. I would say I -- we have limited numbers of vaccine doses, give them to the people that are high risk, and let's see what happens in terms of side effects.