Laura Ingraham says COVID to Democrats is like “crystal meth to a drug addict”

Ingraham: “The same control freaks hate the fact that most of you resumed your normal life long ago”

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Citation From the November 29, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle 

LAURA INGRAHAM: The virus is mutating because that's what viruses do, especially when it's trying to sneak around a vaccine. It gets smarter. But usually when they become more transmissible, the viruses also become less deadly. But only time will tell here. Whatever happens with Omicron, this I know. The same control freaks hate the fact that most of you resumed your normal life long ago. 

They are furious that you didn't give up the old normal. That the red states doggedly refused to roll over and give into the threats and the fear. This isn't where they expected America to be with Trump out of office. Many on the left truly thought that with him gone, America would be in a permanent state of rolling lockdowns like some of the European countries. 

Thank God -- I think about this every day. Thank God for our Republican governors like Kim Reynolds in Iowa, Greg Abbott in Texas, Bill Lee in Tennessee, Pete Ricketts Nebraska, Tate Reeves Mississippi, and of course Ron DeSantis in Florida. By the way, Florida now has the lowest infection rate in the United States. And then with Virginia freeing itself by electing Glenn Youngkin, Democrats, I think they frankly just don't know what to do. Now spending money, that's not helping Biden's numbers. And trillions more that will be spent perhaps is only going to drive the value of the dollar down further. 

But COVID to them is like crystal meth to a drug addict. They know it's not working. They know it's bad to stay on the topic, but they keep returning to it. The fact is everything the experts push from lockdowns to school closures to masks have only made matters worse. And now we know that the vaccinated can spread the virus just as easily as the nonvaccinated. Whoops. 

And with the new variant, they want us to start embracing more mandates? What? Line up for the endless boosters that may or may not work.