Laura Ingraham: Rubio Donor Wants “Never-Ending Flow Of ... Low-Wage, Low-Skill, Illegal Immigrant” Workers

Ingraham: “What Has Rubio, If Anything, Promised [Paul Singer]?”

From the November 2 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Here's my second idea for the debates: just have the donors of the top three candidates debate Donald Trump. He's the only -- Trump and Carson, maybe. Because Carson's getting a lot of his money -- 60 percent plus -- from small donors. So, OK, let's have Carson and Trump on one side and the donors for Jeb [Bush] and Marco [Rubio] on the other side. And then maybe we could have some one-on-ones as well. Wouldn't that be interesting? I actually think the debates should just be with the people who really count, the donors for the establishment, because they do get what they want. Speaking of donors of the establishment, Paul Singer is a GOP mega-donor, influential billionaire, has given a lot of money to Republican campaigns and efforts, some of them very good. And he's 69 years old, he's the head honcho at this big hedge fund called Elliott Management. And so he's been described in various places, some of it unfairly, of course, as the typical vulture capitalist.  And he invests in distressed entities, countries, companies, Delphi, Chrysler, places like Peru, even in the Congo, he's put an enormous amount of money -- been extremely successful. And he has now been revealed to be one of Marco Rubio's top donors. So the biggest donor that Rubio has right now, looks like it's Paul Singer. Singer's going to give a lot to the Rubio PAC, etc., etc. So, does it bother you that Paul Singer is for liberalizing immigration law, for immigration amnesty? He convinced [Mitt] Romney not to focus on immigration-related issues, nice job. Something that actually would have gotten people out to vote for Romney. And he's also for gay rights initiatives across the United States, he's been for that, including gay marriage. He's, along with George Soros, his idea has been to support Gang of Eight-like initiatives on immigration. Both Paul Singer, Sheldon Adelson, and other fellow Republican super-donors are essentially doing all they can to ensure a never-ending flow of foreign workers and low-wage, low-skill illegal immigrants into the country to keep their businesses humming with low-wage workers. So whether it's Adelson or Singer, these guys just want the influx, they want that labor pool to be so fat with low-skilled foreign workers that they won't have to raise wages. That's what they demand, that's what they want. They don't want to deal with hiring Americans. Hiring Americans, that's just too much work. It's much easier to get these Koreans, these South Americans, Central Americans to come over here, the Mexicans to come here, they don't mind living 12 or 14 people in a house, they don't mind working 14 hours a day. They don't ask for lots of raises and time off to spend with their families, they just work their fingers to the bone and then they'll send their money home, and that's it. Does that bother you that Paul Singer -- open borders, immigration amnesty, on the social issues extremely liberal -- does it bother you that he is the big backer of Marco Rubio? What does he want from Rubio? And what has Rubio, if anything, promised him?


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