Laura Ingraham on reparations: “It's called conquest ... we won, you lost, that's that”

Ingraham: “No do-overs, that's it”

From the June 20 edition of Podcast One's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): People would argue that the whole world, and I would, that the whole world has been reshaped by people taking other people's land. I mean, it's called conquest.


They want to live in a fake world. As Trump always says, “You don't get do-overs.” No do-overs, that's it. There was an argument, sometime -- I think it was the 1980s. There was a quote, you won, we lost, that's that. Describing world politics, we won, you lost, that's that. That's just the way it is.


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