Laura Ingraham on Rep. Ron DeSantis' racist comments: “Apparently if you're white, you just can't criticize an opponent at all.”

From the August 30 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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CALLER: I am so sick of people playing the racist card. I was looking at my Facebook feed this morning, there's a post on Facebook that shows Barack Obama using the words “monkeying around.” So what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well apparently, apparently if you're white, you just can't criticize an opponent at all. If you criticize an opponent, you have to just -- every word you have to stop after you say every word, or before you say any word, and think, “OK, how will this be twisted by someone who is trying to avoid a real debate on the issues?” It's ridiculous.  


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