Laura Ingraham praises guest’s “wisdom” after he calls COVID vaccine “a menace”

Dr. Peter McCullough: “Americans don't want this vaccine ... I predict the day this vaccine program is halted will become a national holiday”

Laura Ingraham praises guest’s “wisdom” after he calls COVID vaccine “a menace”

Laura Ingraham praises guest’s “wisdom” after he calls COVID vaccine “a menace”
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Citation From the August 4, 2021, edition of Quake Media's The Laura Ingraham Show

DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH: People need to understand that, you know, we're all trying to help America and go through these data. We need to have fair talking points on this, and the idea of vaccine hesitancy is actually a very natural and good thing. We should have hesitancy regarding seizure drugs, diabetes drugs, other medicinal products. We can't expect all of Americans to take the same medicine. It's not going to work.

Well, you know what -- you know what my patients ask me right now, Laura? They're asking me, "Dr. McCullough, I'm worried the vaccines are failing. Which one is the best, now? Is Pfizer better than Moderna? Is J+J the best? Which one is the best one for me now?" I said I can't answer that, because there is no analysis. People ask me, Doctor, am I going to have a complication with the vaccine? And I say, I don't know, because there's never been a press briefing on vaccine safety by our agencies. How can we possibly -- how can doctors help their patients answer these questions if our agencies don't give us these critical analyses?

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Dr. McCullough, all we hear is "The vaccines are incredibly safe." That's all we hear, and "amazingly safe and effective," from the -- whether it's the former HHS secretary, or any of the current health officials, that's all they repeat, over and over and over again all day long. "There's no reason for you not to get it."

MCCULLOUGH: Every drug that doctors use has a what's called safety profile or a characterization of safety and efficacy. No drug or vaccine is perfect, so everything needs to be quantified. Now for, you know, over one hundred million, let's -- hopefully it's 150 million Americans, 160 million Americans have gotten the vaccine, they've had limited side effects and let's hope they had benefits. In fact, that's where we are, about half of the people with the vaccine.

But we have now -- we're approaching 500,000 safety reports that are certified by the CDC, these have permanent VAERS numbers. The CDC has told America, "Yes, these have happened, these deaths have happened. These hospitalizations, 11,000 deaths, over 100,000 hospitalizations." The CDC has checked, these have happened. I can tell you that is nowhere close to characterizing a vaccine as being safe.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think, again, people need unbiased voices out there to just do a straight analysis of the way things are, and not the way we want them to be, and balance them with our liberties. Our -- we have other lives to lead, we have other priorities. We have kids that need to go to school. We have depression and drug use, and all the other things that have come from these lockdowns and economic devastation, new government programs that we didn't need, suddenly we have.

So, there's -- there's a broad base of concerns that pop up when the government steps in, as it has, and now mandating that people get this vaccine in New York, and you know it's going to be in LA. Oh, it's going to be everywhere. It's going to be every blue state. There's going to be more pressure to -- that people have to get the vaccine. More and more pressure.

MCCULLOUGH: I can tell you, in my circles, Americans don't want this vaccine. I think  -- we're probably at 50 percent of the country doesn't want the vaccine. The vaccine has become a menace. The vaccine centers have been empty for weeks to months right now. There are inducements, million dollar lotteries, college tuition. It hasn't worked. And so now, the idea is force the vaccine on the country. America doesn't want the vaccine. It's a menace. And I predict the day this vaccine program is halted will become a national holiday.

INGRAHAM: Yeah. Well, they claim that more people are getting the vaccine in Louisiana and Mississippi and Florida after all these scary stories came out. I don't know. I don't know if it's true or not, but they're claiming that there's more people getting vaccinated. 

Dr. McCullough, thank you as always. We appreciate your voice and your wisdom and analysis. Thank you so much.