Laura Ingraham: Planned Parenthood Is More Scandalous Than Cincinnati Gorilla Story

From the May 31 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Hey, Laura, we do want to mention the parents in that gorilla story that we've been talking about all morning. The parents, we just learned, will not be charged. But a lot of celebrities are just in outrage over the story because they say that this gorilla's life matters too. What was your opinion of all of this?

LAURA INGRAHAM: When I first saw this story broke, I knew that this exact reaction is what we'd see. And I would preface this by saying I'm such an animal freak that I actually am planning a trip to Rwanda to go see the great apes. And you can take that trek up the mountain and you can go see them. So I'm like a wild conservationist. I love safaris, photographic safaris, done it a bunch of times in Africa. So I preface all this by saying, hey, any time you see an animal having to be shot in a situation like that, it's horrific.I will also say that this is now becoming the Cecil the Lion story of 2016.


INGRAHAM: We have Hollywood celebrities who emit a collective yawn when we find out what really goes on in the abortuaries across this country, Planned Parenthood clinics, other abortion clinics, the way women are routinely lied to. We have about a million babies a year who are not born. We sell off their body parts like it's nothing. And you hear nothing. I mean, in fact, they celebrate it. Not only we hear nothing, they celebrate that. But this happens, and it's a tragic, horrible situation. Of course the Cleveland Zoo would rather have not have done this, but the idea that this rises to this fever pitch level, really is just, it's typical. It's the same thing with the dog commercials and the cages. You know, it's heart-breaking to see an animal that is not adopted, but it's also heartbreaking that we have millions and millions and millions of children around the world who aren't adopted. And yet the advocacy for children, either abandoned in this world or children who don't have the privilege of being born, they don't even discuss it. So that's the kind of way I look at it. I think it's horrible and sad. I'm glad the child is OK. But really, we have veterans on the streets who are eating out of garbage cans, and yet Hollywood is like having a candlelight vigil over one gorilla tragically having to be shot in this situation.

EARHARDT: To save a child's life.


INGRAHAM: Yes, to save a child's life. So again, the child's life is secondary, the gorilla's life comes first. But, again, you can predict that this exact thing was going to happen, so it doesn't surprise me at all.


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