Laura Ingraham: “Obama Could Play Ray Charles. Nothing To Do With Skin Color But Because He's Totally Blind To What's Going On Around Him”

From the December 1 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: The climate, the climate. We are, have 150 leaders of the world, the world community, who are all going to agree on terms that we're going to shovel into a climate treaty, and this is all supposed to work out well for the average worker in the United States of America?


INGRAHAM: I have a question. Who played Ray Charles in the Paris climate talks? They should actually redo “We Are The World.” That's actually a great idea for Saturday Night Live. They should redo the entire music video. They should have Merkel playing a Cyndi Lauper. 'Well, well, well, well.' Merkel should play Cyndi Lauper. Well, Obama could play Ray Charles. Nothing to do with skin color, but because he's totally blind to what's going on around him. But you see Ray Charles had a sense of things. It didn't matter if he was blind. He could sense what was happening around him, okay? So that doesn't even work.