Laura Ingraham: “Most” of the migrants entering the US could be carrying diseases which may lead to a nationwide pandemic

Ingraham: “This is like a game of roulette” 

From the June 21 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle: 

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LAURA INGRAHAM:  So you're saying that in this current crush, Heather, that we're seeing at the border, 140,000 people in the month of May alone - apparently the June numbers are through the roof as well - that most of those people could be bringing a variety of diseases into the country. We've seen TB outbreaks, we've seen the Measles, we've seen, obviously, Mumps, and we just don't have the infrastructure or we don't have the will, or combination, to actually get these people screened. Just the sheer number alone we can't do it.  


But we're playing roulette. This is like a game of roulette that none of us would play with our own families, and now we're letting the whole nation play with it. And we have to get to what happened in Los Angeles, too, with this huge problem of homelessness, stunning numbers, in L.A. because people are living on the street. Some of them are illegal immigrants. Not all. And they're dealing with a huge health crisis and it's up 16% from last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. This raises, yet another health issue - how can we police these potential outbreaks from illegal immigrants when we can't even get a grip on American homelessness, and the intermingling of illegal immigrant homelessness, legal immigrant homelessness and just regular old American homelessness on the streets of Los Angeles. You mix all that together, Heather, and this is not alarmism, this is public health that the Democrats always say they care more about than the Republicans. 


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