Laura Ingraham: Mosque Surveillance Is “Like Body Cameras On Police”

From the December 8 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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CALLER: Laura the flame thrower is that he's exposing system. We know the we've got the sieve in the Mexican border, and Trump brings his guts to the table. What I would like to see him say, and maybe its been said somewhere but I haven't really seen it exposed from this standpoint is that, the Muslims leaders in this country, the ones that are prominent, the ones that can speak out, should be saying we will work with leaders in the U.S. and we'll help expose suspicious people. We'll be a part of the process. To me its kind of perplexing why when you hear a lot of the people, and whether its President Obama or Loretta Lynch say certain things about don't say this, don't say that, because people are going to get worried. Where is the back up of the Muslim community saying look, if there is gonna be problems here and there, if we see someone that's going to probably cause an issue, we're going to speak out, we're going to expose, we're going to work with the people --

LAURA INGRAHAM: Not only do they not do that, at least certainly not enough, because you know we'd hear about it if that happened all the time, right? Not only do they not do that, they file lawsuits against policies and people who actually come out and say oh no, we've got to do some monitoring. They demonize people like Peter King, demonize him for saying we should monitor some of these mosques. If I'm in one of these mosques, I'm a law abiding person, I say monitor us, no problem. That way it's like body cameras on police. So you know that we're on your side, we are with you.


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