Laura Ingraham Launches Vicious Attacks Against Texas Senator Wendy Davis

Radio host Laura Ingraham launched a series of vicious attacks on Texas State Senator Wendy Davis for her filibuster fight against the state's anti-choice bill, by asking Davis which children she “sees on the playground shouldn't be there” and bringing up Davis' personal history to try to discredit her.

In a June 27 tweet, Ingraham mocked characterizations of Davis as a hero after her successful filibuster of Texas' Senate Bill 5 (SB5), one of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws. In response to Davis' efforts, Ingraham tweeted a “question” to Davis: “Which kids that you see on the playground shouldn't be there?”:

Ingraham pushed her attack further during the June 27 edition of her radio show. She seized on Davis' personal history as a teenage mother, who later became successful, to claim Davis is “the kind of person who should actually be advocating for life”:

The attack mirrored one made by  Texas Governor and former Republican presidential contender Rick Perry, who, according to Think Progress, used his speech at the Right To Life convention to claim Davis “hasn't learned from her own example”:

According to Texas Observer staff writer Forrest Wilder, Davis responded to Perry's attack by saying “Rick Perry's statement is without dignity and tarnishes the high office he holds”:

From the June 27 edition of The Laura Ingraham Show:

INGRAHAM: The amazing thing about Wendy Davis is that she became a mom while she was still in her teens and she lived in a trailer park for a time. She ended up graduating with honors from Harvard Law. Her life story actually indicates why you shouldn't give your children up. You should consider adoption, or figure out a way with family members to raise the child yourself, or take the adoption alternative. She went on to go to Harvard Law. Right, So why -- when you think about it, Wendy Davis should actually be the type of person who is advocating for life after her life story.

I mean -- you know what I would like to ask the Planned Parenthood folks, just look around you. Which of the children on the playground shouldn't be here right now? Point the children out who shouldn't be here. You're listening to your healthy radio addiction, the Laura Ingraham Show.