Laura Ingraham Justifies Trump's Proposal To Ban Muslims From The US: “He's Saying Just Have A Pause”

From the December 9 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: If it weren't for Cruz and Trump, I don't see how, maybe [Rick] Santorum doesn't have much support, but he's been talking about it. I don't think any of these people would even be talking about immigration. So he's moved the needle of discussion, sometimes a little inartfully and maybe overstepping it, maybe needs to reframe things. I understand that concern. I really do. I know a lot of great Muslim folks in the United States who do phenomenal work. Great people. One of my doctors happens to be Muslim. Fabulous, fabulous radiologist, amazing person. So I get that. But he's not saying to deport all Muslims in the United States. He's saying just have a pause. And so it's, some of its been, I think Eric Bolling pointed out yesterday on Fox there's been a bit of an overstatement of what Trump has said. Why? Why is the overstatement being done? Because it takes the heat off of the establishment failures.


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