Laura Ingraham: “It's factually untrue to say [Donald Trump] is a racist, because I know him”

From the March 1 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): First of all, I think if the poll is true, it's highly depressing to me. Okay, so that's number one. But given the fact that the economy really is doing better, we have the lowest black unemployment in 17 years, lots of good indicators, of a slightly higher graduation rate from high school, which is good, but he has been in office for 13 months. People's wages will start going up if we can bring these jobs back, and so forth. You know, what's not to love?

GARLAND NIXON Yeah, but that doesn't address the issue here at hand in this poll, “Is Donald Trump a racist?” And personally, I would say that term is far too restrictive for a guy who has exhibited the level of bigotry as Donald Trump.

I think we have to use a broader term. I think bigotry works. Here's a guy, we all remember the insults to the handicapped with the New York Times guy. He said that a Mexican judge was unable to dispense their duty simply because --

INGRAHAM: He thought it was a conflict --

NIXON: Being Mexican is a conflict?

INGRAHAM: I know -- I know how it sounded -- no, no, no, he thought -- I know it came out that way, but I -- I have known him for 13 years. I don't tolerate racism, don't like racism, wouldn't be friends with someone who is a racist. So, I actually know him. He is not a racist. I'm just telling you, it's factually untrue to say is he a racist, because I know him.

NIXON: That's the only excuse, you can say “I know him,” and he's --

INGRAHAM: Well, I'm just -- because I actually have personal knowledge.

NIXON: “I personally, I looked into his soul” or something like that.

INGRAHAM: No, no, I just know him.


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