Laura Ingraham: Immigrants coming to America create “huge assimilation problems, especially with those coming from very different cultures”

Ingraham: “We're dealing with a total breakdown in the values of this country that I grew up in, and it's just disgusting”

From the June 20 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, there's no vetting. Who -- who can -- how do you vet in a country like Syria? This is why Trump did exactly what he needed to do.

There are countries that cannot be trusted to follow protocol, and I think given the huge assimilation problems we're having, especially with those coming from very different cultures than ours, especially given the sheer numbers of people we've taken in, I think we have to take a -- a real pause on this massive influx of people into this country.

We have to -- it's not that we shouldn't take anyone in, but we have to be super, super strict about who comes in right now. We just have to be. Japan has always been very strict, Sweden is getting stricter, the people are outraged even in that liberal country, about what's happened with the refugees that Merkel let into the E.U.

They're -- they're just drowning in problems in Sweden, and the United States just has to be super careful.

This is a beautiful, wonderful country, and we want people who are going to add to it, and fit in with our values and our overall general beliefs that we live in a good country.

The problem is we have a lot of people already here who don't think we live in a good country, but -- who think the country is racist, and the country stole land, and you're living on stolen land, and you gotta do -- you know, reparations, and all this other stuff, and you gotta deface statutes and rip them down, and -- you know, this is just a mess.

We're dealing with a total breakdown in the values of this country that I grew up in, and it's just disgusting. It really -- we're normally vandalism, we're normalizing illegality, and then we're using Holocaust analogies to describe rightful law enforcement and border enforcement operation.


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