Laura Ingraham Hypes Fears About Muslim Refugee Women: “What's Under That Burqa, Baby?”

Ingraham: "[St.-Denis] Was A Medieval Town, Community With A Beautiful Gothic Cathedral ... But Now, A Very Large Muslim Population"

From the November 18 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: You can't use the word “legitimate” when it comes to murdering innocents. Just can't do it, as we have thousands pouring into Greece today, more refugees coming in to the European Union. As a female suicide bomber blew herself up, after being involved in a raid in Saint-Denis. which is a, a very interesting community about 180,000 people in Saint-Denis. And it was a medieval town, community with a beautiful Gothic cathedral. And I've been there, it's spectacularly beautiful. But now, a very large Muslim population. France had opened its doors to all these Muslims from former french territories, course in Algeria and so forth, have come into France and have settled. Remember when just a few years ago, all of the big protests, the cars set on fire, remember all the protests? And the Muslim neighborhoods in France? We covered that this day in and day out for weeks on the Laura Ingraham Show. And we warned people that this pot was gonna boil over. Multiculturalism sounds good, but in many cases it just does not work because people have really different worldviews, and there's a grievance culture that is fed by the way, frankly a lot of these liberal progressive French leaders, and what they did and how they addressed these problems. They coddle people instead of having a law and order approach, and frankly controlling its own immigration. France just didn't do that, didn't want to do that. And now it's -- a lot of people think it's too late, you've got 6 million Muslims in France. 

In this raid today, it was brutal. We had seven people arrested, two dead. Police dog, dead. And oh yeah, I'm sure they didn't like the idea that a dog was sent in to flush them out. They don't like dogs, they hate dogs, they shoot dogs. The dog was killed. And we keep hearing from President Obama “Oh, you want to keep out women and children,” well one of those women blew herself up and would have killed all of those French police officers if she could have. What's underneath that burqa, baby? What's underneath the burqa? Yeah, you gotta lift 'er up, make sure we see, what's underneath the burqa?


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