Laura Ingraham: “How Dare” Sen. McCain Worry About Immigrants Who Die Crossing The U.S. Border

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham attacked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for caring about immigrants who die while attempting to cross into the United States through the desert.

McCain spoke at an AFL-CIO-sponsored forum about the immigration reform bill. During the discussion, he recalled border patrol or local law enforcement finding dead bodies of immigrants in the desert that have been left by coyotes saying, “it is not acceptable to have this kind of exploitation of people that leads to the most miserable kind of existence and even death.”

On her radio show, Ingraham responded to McCain's comments by saying “how dare” he care about these immigrants because they “are law breakers willingly coming into this country to undercut the wages of the American worker” or commit violent crimes:

Ingraham, an outspoken opponent of the immigration reform effort, has a history of making inflammatory and false remarks about immigrants and hosting nativist anti-immigrant group leaders.