Laura Ingraham: How Dare The Obamas Attack Trump When They Are Fans Of Beyoncé And Common

Ingraham: Beyoncé “Feels The Need To Sexualize Herself” And “It's So Unnecessary”

From the October 14 edition of Courtside Entertainment Groups' The Laura Ingraham Show

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Let's talk about language for a moment, shall we? Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, they welcomed various musicians and so forth to the White House over the years. It was always a never-ending party for the Obamas, because when you're in the White House, anyone you invite will just come and perform for you. Whether it's one of their favorite musicians, singer-songwriters -- Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney -- but there was someone else they invited back in 2011. He's the rapper known as Common. And he's called less controversial than other rappers because of his great and abiding poetic talent. And he doesn't get down and dirty like so many of the other hip hoppers that use words like Bs and hoes. But that's not really true is it, about Common? 


Yeah, so what did that do? We have to bleep the lyrics on that. 


This is the kind of stuff that they brought into the White House. Oh, but he is, he's better than the other rappers. He's more poetic. Well this was the type of poetry we -- well he became very famous for, and as the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police complained, it was elevating gangsters. 


You wonder why police call him the rapper who glorifies violence against police? It's nothing new in hip-hop music. It's nothing -- there are some hip hoppers who are, yeah, I think pretty talented guys. Not my kind of music but I can appreciate why it's popular. But don't pretend, don't go up there yesterday to New Hampshire and pretend, “I haven't heard any -- I haven't heard things said like this.” You've not only heard things said like this, you've invited people to the White House who've made an enormous amount of money using the N-word, the most filthy words about women and taking advantage of women.


Let's be clear. This is all feigned moral outrage coming from people who love what's happened to the popular culture. In fact, they celebrate it. Even someone like Beyoncé, who's so talented. She's a talented person. She feels the need to sexualize herself in the most -- it's so unnecessary. Because she is talented. She feels the need to bump and grind against every dancer on the stage with the S&M outfits during the Super Bowl and touching themselves in their private parts as they dance. I mean, this is the culture we're all proud of? “But we've never heard any of this language that Donald Trump is using.” You never heard it? This is the stock and trade for the American culture today. And at least he said he was ashamed by it. What have you all said? About what you've invited into the White House? 


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