Laura Ingraham hosts leader of right-wing group responsible for violent Portland riots for softball interview

Laura Ingraham hosted Joey Gibson, the leader of violent right-wing group, Patriot Prayer, on her October 15th show and gave him a softball interview allowing him to deny his group's violent past. Gibson’s group was responsible for the violent riots that took place in Portland on October 13th, and has previously encouraged his group to “instigate” violence and promised that any counter-protesters “are going to feel the pain.”

The Oregonian reported on Monday that Gibson’s group had previously been discovered on rooftops in Portland with a cache of firearms prior to a summer protest. Gibson denied any prior knowledge of the rooftop incident, claiming “it sounds like they completely exaggerated it.” None of these issues were brought up by Ingraham who allowed Gibson to claim that his group never has “any intention to get violent” in a softball interview that included Gibson promoting his group’s website on his t-shirt.

From the October 15 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Joining us now from Portland is one of the organizers of last week's counter-protest, Joey Gibson, he's also the founder of Patriot Prayer. Joey, did your group -- I know you were arrested at one point, back in, I guess it was in May for -- didn't you carry a gun at some -- one of the events at University of Washington campus, or a couple of your guys did? You were arrested for that, but did your group --

JOEY GIBSON: No, we were detained.

INGRAHAM: What's that?

GIBSON: We were detained for a second and then let go.

INGRAHAM: Okay, you were detained and let go.


INGRAHAM: But in this case, did you have any intention of getting violent with this antifa group?

GIBSON: No, we never have any intention to get violent. For us, it's about challenging the mayor, challenging these protest groups, and just being able to march. If they attack us, then people definitely do defend themselves, but we've had so many marches and rallies where no one shows up and it's completely peaceful and we have a great time.

INGRAHAM: So, what is the goal of your group, as we watch this chaotic video? I mean, looks like a lot of people got hurt. There were batons and mace being used and rocks and bottles being thrown. So, but what's the -- what is your goal with your protest?

GIBSON: Sure, so, it depends on the city and what the mayors do. For example, we went down to Berkeley, we kept hitting it because the police were standing down, and so the goal was to get the mayor to allow the police do their job. So, from city to city, it changes.


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