Laura Ingraham hosts Herman Cain to warn that the “current climate” of sexual assault allegations have possibly gone “too far”

Ingraham: “Sex assault accusations are serious, but can the current climate go too far?”

From the November 29 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Sex assault accusations are serious, but can the current climate go too far? And when is just an allegation just enough to try to take a public figure down?


HERMAN CAIN: First of all, you can't look at all of these as the same because they are not. Some of them have evidence, including pictures, that it actually happened. Some of them were based upon accusations, speculation, but no confirmation. Now, I can't talk about all of these situations, but I can talk about my situation.

There were a lot of accusations, and there was a lot of speculation to try to derail my campaign, but no confirmation. And the reason was the liberal media didn't want to know the truth. They did not want to know what the facts were about the people that were accusing me.

Now, what's different about my situation, and let's just say Roy Moore's situation, is that they came after me with repeatedly attacks and accusations, but no confirmation. They now believe that if they throw more and more and more mud on the wall, that eventually people are going to believe it. But that has backfired because, as you know, the latest poll shows Roy Moore is now back in the lead in Alabama, and the people in Alabama are going to have to decide.


INGRAHAM: A lot of people just liked your presence in the race, but when these things just started ping, ping, ping, one after another, coming out, you just decided for my family's sake, I'm not going to continue. Do you regret that now, looking back? Do you wish you had stayed in and fought it out?

CAIN: No, I do not, because as you pointed out, they came week one, week two, week three. And what we concluded was that it was going to continue four, five, and six, the way it did with the Judge Roy Moore. I bowed out primarily because -- not because I couldn't take the harassment, I couldn't take the firestorm, but because my family, grandchildren especially, started to hear jokes about their papa on the music stations, and I did not want that to continue.

If I had stayed in the race, it was only going to get worse and worse and worse. Why? Because the liberal media that wanted to develop a firestorm to stop somebody, they were not going to stop, and I didn't want to continue to put my family members at all levels in that position.


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