Laura Ingraham guests call Rep. Ilhan Omar “a failed American experiment” and Rep. Ayanna Pressley a “bad stereotype”

Shireen Qudosi: “Ilhan Omar is a failed American experiment”

From the July 17 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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CANDACE OWENS: I can't think of a single comment -- and you can feel free to correct me -- that any of them have said positive about America or Americans. They're here asking for radical reform on the basis that this country is fundamentally irredeemable. That is the message. And here, what's problematic about the way that they are conveying their messages, they are actually falling into really bad stereotypes of what it means to be a person of color in this country.

A really bad stereotype about black Americans is that we are gang bangers, and that we're ignorant, and that we threaten people, and we're violent. We have Ayanna Pressley tweeting to Kellyanne Conway, “Hi, Becky” -- remember that racist pejorative that the media roundly ignored?


OWENS: “Hi, Becky” -- If I called you “Becky” -- Imagine if you called me “Shaniqua,” what would the media response be to that? And she said “Keep my name out yo mouth.” Could you -- I mean, think about this, a congresswoman speaking to someone like that.

Congress is not Bloods versus the Crips, okay? It's Republicans and Democrats coming together to try to come up with something that can make Americans feel like we are working towards a solution in this country. These women are doing the opposite.

INGRAHAM: They believe America is an evil, racist, corrupt country at its core, and it must be completely remade.

OWENS: That's correct.

INGRAHAM: In a new image. I want to show this, ladies. A new Rasmussen poll shows a surge in the number of Americans who believe Democrats are playing the race card now against Trump for political gain. Shireen, how much longer before the race card loses its meaning?

SHIREEN QUDOSI: It's already lost complete meaning. So, these are women who are pushing Muslims like myself into an ideological concentration camp where we don't want to be. When we look at solutions for radicalization, Ilhan Omar is a failed American experiment. We -- she should have been integrated a lot more.

INGRAHAM: Why do you say that?

QUDOSI: She’s not American. She's not, I’m sorry.

INGRAHAM: Well, she is American. She is an American citizen.


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